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Become an Authority

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What they think.

"The aim of personal growth. I love it!"

Sean Brasfield

Actor, Pastor, Artist

"Sherice's teaching is easy to implement. Her contagious enthusiasm makes it easy to follow her recommendations. Do what Sherice says and you get results!"

Danielle Meeks

Life Coach

"Sherice consistently over-delivers! Her delivery is down-to-earth and relatable. She never talks down to her clients. She meets you where you are and encourages growth."

Julia Holland

Horse Trainer

"I love the mission of Sherice & Co! I have known Sherice for about nine years and definitely support her work. She is one of the first people who positively influenced my life toward following my dreams."

Jesse M.

Men's Coach

"Her talk was exactly what we needed during this stressful time.

It really resonated with folks.

She is definitely on the shortlist to bring in again!"

M. Page deGregorio

Vice President of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

"Sherice is fantastic at what she does. More importantly, she is an amazing person. It is my honor to have gotten the chance to know her. I would recommend anyone to join in that experience.....and get to know Sherice Kral. Let her help you. You won't be disappointed."

Danny Berry

Financial Professional

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